Abandonment Fetish, Neglect Fantasy & Disregard Line Mobile Intercourse

Abandonment Fetish, Neglect Fantasy & Disregard Line Mobile Intercourse

An fetish that is incredibly popular the abandonment fetish, which links into neglect dream and ignore line phone intercourse. From my Domme perspective we associate these because of the FemDom part of BDSM, nevertheless it’s not restricted to FemDom.

There’s a lot more to abandonment fetish than just someone that is settling a package into the part and getting on using the ironing (although there’s no reason at all that can’t engage in a session too, in the event that you decide!). Much like many fetishes, for here to be always a emotional, real or intimate appeal to your fetishist, usually the one who assists this kink become more active has to be proactive about any of it. This is certainly easier in theory in terms of a kink coping with purposely abandoning or ignoring the person/submissive/bottom.

Foundation of Respect

In my opinion you probably must such as the submissive on an agreeable, respectful, D/s level prior to the ignore and neglect area of the abandonment fetish scene becomes effective and enjoyable. If there’s any element of resentment in your neglect, it is simple to get a get a cross the relative line into non-consent or punishment associated with submissive.

That’s not saying ignoring your submissive can’t be an effective punishment, but. Ignoring a submissive once they have actually disobeyed or acted in a disrespectful means not merely punishes all of them with the increased loss of your presence and attention, it renders them anticipating the next move. In addition it offers you, while the Top or Dominant, some respiration room to obtain over what’s usually a flash of anger for which those not used to Domination could work rashly, and wrongly. It is tempting to lash down because you’re able to consensually make use of force in your submissive, or even strike them verbally or in various other means. Ignoring the submissive into the incorrect offers you time for you to think and provide consideration that is proper the next move, your actions as a result into the particular ‘crime’ regarding the sub.

Feeling of Inferiority

For the submissive who wants to be ignored, this feeling ties in with experiencing inferior of these Owner and unworthy of the attention and time. The reality that their owner or Dominant is neglecting them or ignoring them, either within the exact same space or through the medium of Skype, call or any other, is a strong force helping them go into just exactly what those in the scene call ‘subspace’. Subspace could be the title for the impression sex chatrooms of deep submission, specially from time to time of heightened and stimulation that is intense feeling and task within a D/s (Dominant/submissive) or M/s (Master or Mistress/slave or submissive) scene.

Disregard Line Mobile Intercourse

The abandonment fetish is really popular you will find also spend each minute lines readily available for those that would you like to phone a Mistress and get ignored, by phone. The idea is the fact that Mistress or Domme can be so busy along with other, demonstrably a lot more considerations, with him(or her, but I would say the amount of fem submissives who are into ignore kink are few, from my personal experience) that she has no time or inclination to speak with the submissive who is paying per minute just to hear her doing anything else in the background except speak.

Just just What could the Mistress be doing whenever she’s ignoring you from the phone? You will find therefore fun that is many fantastically cruel opportunities. Attempting on the footwear, her clothing… having a shower or relaxing bath… maybe being licked or fucked by a fan. Imagine just to be able to listen as your Mistress enjoys most of these plain things and much more. Cuckoldry is really a wonderful fetish, someone to discuss much more information another time – however it ties into this kink beautifully too.

Neglect Fantasy face-to-face

In person, a submissive will enjoy being ignored by their Mistress so they can talk about the submissive or slave being ignored as if he weren’t even in the room while she simply relaxes in either a home, club or other environment, or maybe she arranges a get together with her Domme friends. Being forced to simply pay attention quietly he is, perhaps focussing on one tiny body part in particular, or picking out another specific sensitive subject sure to cause his cheeks to flush with humiliation and cause him embarrassment which of course, he loves while she and her friends laugh at how pathetic and useless.


I love to bring objectification into abandonment fetish too, utilising the submissive or slave as furniture, reducing them to one thing lower than peoples with my neglect and ignorant-of-them attitude and behaviour while I humiliate them. They are able to act as a footstool or dining table, or just as a person statue within the space. If they’re into puppy play or any other animal roleplay, this is often utilised by seeing and dealing with them simply as a property animal, a puppy or kitten or whatever it really is they’re into.

Your Thinking

How can you feel in regards to the abandonment fetish and neglect fantasy? Can it be something you’ve ever considered trying out? Maybe it is a dream you’re unsure how you’d act in reality for you but? For the Dominant celebration it is hard to overcome our social and societal politeness to not ever ignore somebody within the room that is same. For the submissive, being ignored, therefore pointedly, is really a bruise that is huge the pride and ego.

We enjoy hearing your ideas into the remarks below.

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