Are Insoles Good For Flat Feet


Flat feet occur when an individual’s bottom part of the foot that touches the ground when he or she is standing. Environmental or genetic factors can cause flat feet; in most cases, a genetic cause can make one have a flat foot their entire life. Acquired feet is one environmental factor create the.

Most known causes of flat feet include obesity, aging, pregnancy, diabetes, traumatic injury, rheumatic arthritis and genetic factors.

Individuals who have flat feet are always confused on optimum arch support is good for them. They are still wondering if cushy, soft insoles are right compared to firm ones. Flat feet require proper support insoles that offer supportive arch, heel stabilization and low.


To get the good insoles suitable for flat feet is not an easy task. You knew to start with the kind of flat feet you have. Is it flexible flat feet or rigid flat feet? Look for more info here

Rigid flat feet

For those People with rigid feet when standing and flat when you are sitting or when feet are unweighted, They should use arch supports for their flat feet that are not tall.

Flexible feet

Flexible feet on other hand are those that are flat when one stand on them but have some arch when you are not standing on them or unweighted. If when you place your foot on the opposite knee, an arch appears when one has flexible flat feet. Persons with flexible flat feet should use medium arch height.

Feet of woman doing exercises with rubber ball in clinic


Insoles for flat feet are ones that are low and at the same time supportive of providing strong support. A Strong arch that is so high will be painful. Heel stabilization is the other thing to look at; the insoles should offer a maximum concentration of flat pad below your heel bone.