Best Electric Log Splitter – Updated Reviews and Comparison 2018

If you use fireplace or fire stove to heat your home, you probably already own some tool to help you with splitting your logs to get wood for burning. A lot of people choose to do it the old and hard way, and use axe or maul to split the logs, while others opt for log splitters which take a lot of hard work out of the process. Especially the electric log splitters, which, in my opinion, are the best version of all. They trump manual log splitters in efficiency, and are much more reliable than their gas powered counterparts. But I should say that i’m proud owner of WEN electric wood splitter myself, so i’m slightly biased. Of course electric log splitters come with their flaws, which i’ll discuss later, but i still prefer them over anything else available right now. Now, comparing electric and gas powered log splitters isn’t what you came here to read this, so let’s get to the point.

How to choose best electric log splitter?

Just like all log splitters, raw power of electric splitters is measured in tons it can split. On average, gas powered log splitters are usually more powerful, at around 15 tons capability, but have a lot of issues that we won’t get into discussing today. Electric splitters, on the other hand, are usually capped at 6 or 7 tons. At first glance, this seems like a major flaw, but once you try them out in action, you’d be surprised by how well electric log splitters work. For our experiment, we’ve tried both – 15 ton gas powered splitter and 7 ton electric splitter in action, and gas splitter came only slightly ahead. It also depends on what kind of wood you’re planning to be split. 7 tons is usually more than enough for most kinds of wood, but there are few which are firmer and therefore require more force. So don’t be scared by low number of tons of most electric log splitters on the market today. A lot of people also like to single out HP number of splitter’s motor as a way to compare their capabilities. But i, personally, don’t see horse power as universal metric to measure the efficiency of electric log splitter.

 Next obvious thing to pay attention to, would obviously be reviews. There are plenty of electric log splitter reviews out there, but only few are written by unbiased people and you have to dig deep to find those. I personally love reading customer reviews on Amazon, as they’re quite strict on policing authenticity of their product reviews.

What should i expect to pay for high quality electric log splitter?

Prices on best rated electric log splitters vary from two to five hundred dollars right now. More expensive log splitters are faster and are capable of splitting much larger logs, while smaller versions are limited in that area. Although if you intend to use log splitter for your personal needs at home, i think buying smaller electric log splitter would suffice. Most can split logs that are up to twelve inches in diameter, and that’s more than enough for average joe. If i did happen to have unusually large round to split, i’d grab my Fiskars splitting maul to occasionally practice my swing. But that’s just me. If you’re in different situation, write a comment and let us know, and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Should an occasional user buy electric log splitter?

It depends on many factors. For once, your financial situation. If you feel comfortable spending few hundred dollars on a machine that speeds up the process that can be done using simple axe, then go for it. You should know what you’re investing in though – and that is time and safety. If you value the time you would be spending splitting the logs with an axe more than you value extra hundred dollars, then it makes a lot of sense to buy best electric log splitter on the market. And we’re here to help you do just that. I’d also say that it depends on how often you’ll be using the machine. There are other types of log splitters that are still light years ahead of axe in terms of efficiency and don’t cost that much more than average wood splitting axe on market today.

WEN 56207

Compact in size and weight, this machine would have you surprised by how capable it is. We’ve tested it with average size cords, which were 10 inches in diameter and about fifteen in length, and it handled all of them. Although i’m sure if you gave it super large logs, it would not be handle it. Because it’s just not designed for that and quite frankly, most logs that people have to split are well within this machine’s range. Except for the product itself, a lot of customer reviews also point out the exceptional customer experience that company offered them, which is always a plus in my eyes. It’s easy to operate and comes with a manual, which is also available on company’s website. Although we do recommend thoroughly reading the manual, because there are minor details that you need to know. Overall, i would recommend WEN 56207 for anyone looking for best electric log splitter for home use.

Powerhouse XM-380

If 6 ton log splitters are too weak for you, you might want to check this one out. Even though it’s just 7 tons in theory, a lot of customers have noted that this splitter can handle anything you give it to it. Including rounds as large as 12 inches in diameter and 20 inches in length. Even though this is nowhere close to other gas powered log splitters, remember that we’re just discussing log splitters for home use. And as far as high quality electric log splitters go, this splitter is as powerful as it gets. It’s Perfect for people who want log splitter for home use, but are not satisfied with power of compact log splitters like the other two on this list. Although i must note that power comes with a price, which is larger size and being less portable to store.

Goplus New 1500W

In capabilities, this electric log splitter is very similar to Wen 56207 we’ve discussed above. Both are compact, capable and very efficient electric log splitters for their cost. Even though it does not have immense power, it’s powerful enough to split anything that average joe can put into it. It does have length and diameter capacity though. Any tree cord you give it to it must be less than 10 inches in diameter and 15 inches in length. The best thing about this splitter though, is how compact and easy store it is. It can be stored in upright position, and takes very little space compared to most other splitters out there. So this is definitely a catch for people who lack storage space. Otherwise, it’s pretty similar to Wen – with safety checks and good manual to ensure that you use it properly.

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