Best Splitting Maul in 2018 – Reviews and Comparison, Frequently Asked Questions


How much do splitting mauls cost?

Which is the best splitting maul right now?

Most people have two options to get firewood for their fireplaces – buy, or source them yourself. But if you’re looking for advice on splitting mauls, you’ve probably chosen the latter path. But sourcing the raw, huge logs from trees is only the beginning of the work. And that’s when splitting mauls come in. You could use same old saw to split the logs, but that’s ineffective for multiple reasons. First of all, splitting mauls are longer and therefore are safer to use. Even if some accident happens, you’re very unlikely to injure your foot. Second, it’s more effective by being heavier than regular axe and therefore has more impact power. And third, even the best splitting maul will cost you roughly the same as good axe, and considering everything i’ve told above, it just makes more economical sense to buy new splitting maul instead of using your existing axe. Although if you’re planning to do this just once or twice, using the axe will be fine as well.

How to choose the best splitting maul?

Obviously, for activity as rough as splitting wood, your splitting maul will need to have strong structure and high quality materials. The best indicator to guarantee these two prerequisites for choosing the best splitting maul for your money, is the brand. Branded tools might cost more than no-names, but the risk associated with getting the best for your money is much lower as well. Most favorable brands in the field are Fiskars and Husqvarna. There are some minor players who make quality tools, but it’s better to stick with these two. If you don’t, i’d suggest reading the reviews of the maul on Amazon.

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Cost of good splitting maul will depend on its size and weight. Obviously bigger and heavier splitting mauls will cost up to five hundred dollars, but if you’re average user, you won’t have to spend more than fifty or hundred dollars. For example, Fiskars X27 is  fairly affordable as far as high quality splitting mauls go.

Best splitting mauls in 2018

Now, we present list of five splitting mauls that we chose based on testing them ourselves, or feedback from trusted reviewers and friends. If you plan on ordering on Amazon, we highly recommend these, but even if you don’t, ask for these in your local store so that you’re not ripped off by local salesman into spending unnecessarily much on a maul you don’t need.

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Husqvarna S1600

We decided to include this maul in the list because according to our experience, and rigorious tests, we think this is the best lightweight splitting maul on the market right now. Even though it is available in different sizes and lengths, the one we’ve tried, which is also the most popular 26 inch model, was definitely the winner in this category. Even though it’s fairly light and short, it’s ergonomic design and fiber reinforced shaft allows it to cut through any small to medium size round efficiently. It’s lighter weight allows flexibility in wielding it. You can swing it using one hand if you’re strong, but anyone can wield it with two hands. While it’s not made in US, it is made in Sweden, and they are known for producing quality goods. And if the production country doesn’t inspire your confidence, Husqvarna S1600 comes with 90 day replacement warranty to make sure you get the best for your money. So my quick summary would be : 26 inch maul (the one we’ve tried) would be good for home use that doesn’t involve very large rounds. But there are bigger sizes, and we have no reason to assume that they would be worse than their 26 inch counterpart.

Fiskars X27

Before going any further, i want to say that Fiskars X27 was my favorite of all splitting mauls we tried. At length of 40 inches, it is longer, stronger and heavier than Husqvarna we’ve previously discussed. And even the product description mentions that it is recommended for tall people, which is polite way to say that you should only get it if you’re strong enough to wield it. It is also the sharpest of all mauls we’ve tried, and can split pretty much all kinds of logs, unless they’re bigger than thirty inches. We just haven’t tried rounds with bigger diameter than 30 inches. It is also very affordable, which makes cheapskate part of me even happier. I know a lot of people won’t care, but it’s also very good looking. So my quick summary would be : perfect splitting axe all around. Affordable and yet very effective. The only con i can think of is the weight, and it’s still fairly easy to swing.

Fiskars Iso Core

If you’re looking for strength, this is your splitting axe. It is far stronger, heavier and capable than two of the products discussed above. We didn’t have 40 inch rounds to try these on, but i’m sure they would split it without a hurdle. As mentioned above, Fiskars X27 is strong and can handle pretty much every log you try it on. Fiskars Iso core is the splitting maul that can handle those that Fiskars X27 can’t. It’s designed to cut large rounds, so using these for small ones would be a bit of overkill. With its perfect head geometry, it is the ultimate splitting machine, so if you are frequently busy with splitting wood, this is it. Quick summary : the best heavy duty splitting maul among these three. Heavy and hard to swing properly. It should be only used if you’re strong and need to cut through very large rounds. Otherwise, first two will do fine.


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