Best worm drive saw in 2018 – Reviews and Comparison


A worm drive circular saw is an amazing tool for any kind of cutting purpose. You may want to do some renovation in your home or planning to make a deck, a worm drive saw will ease any of your cutting operations. It is safe in the professional hand, efficient and also a very good investment for a complete kit-box. A worm drive circular saw can make your work hour enjoyable as well as it can make it hell if you cannot pick up the right one.

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It is very hard to decide to buy a worm drive saw because there are plenty of brands are available in the current market. Each of the models occupies some special features. If you can match up the feature with your requirement, surely you can have a great experience while working with it. Today I will discuss some best worm drive saws available in the current market. Before that, we will learn something about worm drive saw and the difference between a worm drive saw and a normal circular saw.

Why Worm Drive Saw?

People become curious when they know that worm drive saws are also circular, but they are quite different than the regular circular saws. What is the fundamental difference between these two, and why I will suggest you to go for a worm drive saw?

The worm drive saw has the motor in line with its blade, so you are promised have better torque, power, and efficiency. A worm drive saw has the better – ripping capability than any normal circular saw. A worm drive saw is heavier than a regular circular saw as well as they will sustain for a long period. Most of the worm drive saw has its bleed on the left side which will let you see the cutting line clearly.

On the other hand, most of the Sidewinders are light and reasonably powerful. In some case, the blade of a sidewinder or a regular circular saw is placed on the right side which will make it difficult for you to see the cutting like. These Sidewinders are better for small work and cross cutting operations.

Now, you may ask, worms drive saws or sidewinders? Well, it is a debate that has been going on for decades. You have to pick between these two depending on how you use it.
Things to Know before Buying a Best Worm Drive Saw:

If you want to buy a best worm drive circular saw, you have to look for some specific points to pick up the best one for you. If a worm drive saw has the following features properly, you can consider that a worthy tool. Let’s have a look at the points you should know about the worm drive saw you are going to buy:

1. Cutting Line:

One of the basic features of a worm drive saw is enabling the operator to see the cutting line properly. Make sure, you have a clear visibility of the cutting line while working with the saw. If your worm drive saw is perfectly designed, you can easily keep an eye on the line while cutting through it. A cheap, poorly manufactured worm drive saw will fail to provide this facility.

2. Bevel Capability:

The best worm drive saw will provide a wide range of beveling so that you can cut any angle properly. Do not forget to check the bevel capacity of the worm drive saw.

3. Housing of the Saw:

The housing of the worm drive saw is crucial. Usually, even the best worm drive saw is heavier than circular saw. If the worm drive saw has magnesium housing with its motor, the weight will be a little bit less than the usual motors. Magnesium housing will protect your motor, but will not add any extra weight to it.

4. Dust Blower:

Some improved design has a dust blower in the front which will eradicate all the dust from your cutting line to give you a better view. Your cutting line will be neat and clean as well as clearly visible for you.

5. Blade Change:

If you have a regular job for your worm drive saw, you need to change the blade every after a while and surely you will not want any hassle at this stage. A good worm drive saw will provide you very simple blade changing policy which may or may not require any additional tools. It is an important feature of a good worm drive saw.





Best Worm Drive Saw Review:

Well, I think you already know that what to look for a good worm drive saw. Considering some features like price, efficiency, warranty as well as the consumers satisfaction level, we have picked top 5 worm drive saw in the present market. Let’s have a look at them:

1. SkilSaw SPT 77WM-22:

Price : Slightly above average, but hard to say because it changes constantly. 

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Skilsaw is a well-trusted name in the realm of worm drive saw and our first choice is their model no SPT 77WM22.

Technical Details:

Weight: 12.5lbs.

Maximum Cut: 2.375 in.

Maximum Cut @ 45°: 1.938 in.

Bevel Capacity: 53°.

Maximum RPM: 5300.

Key Features of SkilSaw SPT 77WM22:

1. Total weight is 12.5 pounds (without the blade and cord) which is pretty light. Magnesium construction ensures better protection.

2. It has operational dual motors, you are promised to have a long service life of this tool.

3. 53° bevel capacity, let you work on a variety of angles.

4. You will get 1 year of warranty with the kit and 180 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


1. Magnesium housing is available for better cooling and protection of the gadget.

2. Light weight helps you reduce the work fatigue and tiredness.


1. You have to keep a sharp look at the oil level to have a smooth operation. It is an additional hassle for any user.

2. Bosch CSW41:

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Bosch is a brand famous for making best power tools, including best worm drive saw. Among their models, I picked up CSW41 for some definite reasons.

Technical Details:

Weight: 13.2lbs.

Maximum Cut: 2.38 in.

Maximum Cut @ 45°: 1.94 in.

Bevel Capacity: 53°.

Maximum RPM: 5300.

Key Features:

1. The gear ratio is a very upgraded within this compact size. It is a very powerful tool for any advanced cutting operation.

2. Lightweight magnesium housing and the foot plate is present to provide a better experience.

3. If you some small cutting project, the anti-snag lower guard will help you for a smooth cutting.


1. Accurate cut.

2. Durable design.

3. Easy to operate.


1. A little bit heavier.

3. Rigid R32103:

Rigid R32103 is a very good worm drive saw considering the price and other features. It is a nice product for the users with a budget.

Technical Details:

Weight: 15lbs.

Maximum Cut: 2.375 in.

Maximum Cut @ 45°: 1.75 in.

Bevel Capacity: 51.5°.

Maximum RPM: 4400.

Key Features:

1. It comes with the blade, wrench, dipstick and an operational manual. Rigid R32103 is a smart, cost-saving appliance.

2. Rigid R32103 has a carbide blade with 24 teeth, very smooth cutting experience.

3. Left side blade, high visibility and accurate cutting. 4. Heavy duty motor for high torque and better power output.


1. Powerful motor.

2. Top and bottom protective magnesium guards, safe to use.

3. Ten feet longer cord, more than enough to do any job.


1. The blade is attached with a spindle lock design. It is a little hassle for a user to change the blade.

4. Makita 5377MG:

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Makita 5377MG comes with a great compact design with magnesium component. The powerful motor of 15 Amp is capable of performing any cutting operation.

Technical Details:

Weight: 13.2 Lbs.

Maximum Cut: 2.375 in.

Maximum Cut @ 45°: 1.75 in.

Bevel Capacity: 51.5°

Maximum RPM: 4500

Key Features:

1. Portable, easy to carry and lightweight due to magnesium components.

2. Makita 5377MG comes with a built-in fan and a coated housing is also available. It requires less maintenance than other worm drive saws.

3. The blade is 7-1/4inch with carbide coating. This blade is 50% more efficient and last double the time.


1. Very good product for a budget.

2. Lightweight.

3. Better gripping and controlling.


1. The rip fence is absent.

5. Dewalt DWS535T:

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Dewalt DWS535T is famous for its heavy duty motor with its compact and lightweight design.

Technical Details:

Weight: 13.8lbs.

Maximum Cut: 2.418 in.

Maximum Cut @ 45°: 1.875in.

Bevel Capacity: 53°.

Maximum RPM: 4800.

Key Features:

1. Dewalt DWS535T is a nice tool for limited budget comes with a 7-1/4in and 7-1/12 in carbide tipped blade.

2. 53° bevel capacity gives you the freedom to work in any angle you want.

3. Tough Cord protection is present there for a safe operation with this tool.


1. Easy to operate.

2. Lightweight.

3. The blades are very easy to change.


1. The battery is expensive.

I have discussed the top worm drive saws and their key features in a nutshell. Do not be influenced by any external fancy design or features of a worm drive saw. Just look for the basic feature which will serve your purpose most. Combine the features with your budget and you will get the best worm drive saw for your toolbox.

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