Can I Run Without Socks

Can I Run Without Socks

This is one of the topics that pop up frequently in gyms and athletic forums. Can you run without socks? Whether you can or can’t run without socks depends on an array of factors. Here is why you can actually run without socks:

You’ll run faster without socks

Some sprinters like to get on the track without socks because, they believe, running without socks is less inhibiting compared to running with them. Without socks, they run faster and farther.

Some shoes fit well without socks


Some trainers from Asics and Brooks are designed in such a way that they can be used without socks. So if you are donning such shoes, you are better hitting the track without any socks.

If you want to complete a triathlon, don’t wear socks

Most athletes who complete triathlons prefer not to wear socks because sockless feet easily transition from swimming to sprinting. You also don’t have a lot of time to stop midway and put on some socks before proceeding to complete the triathlon.

Scientific evidence supporting or discoursing running without socks is still murky; it boils down to what the individual prefers. Here is why you can’t run without shoes:

Running barefoot exposes your feet to injuries


Most trainers aren’t designed to be used without socks. The hard interiors inflict pressure on your feet through friction, which eventually leads to the development of blister. Even the softest trainers will still inflict injuries on your feet unless they are specifically designed for sockless use. find the best running socks and wear them in your shoes.

Going sockless encourages the accumulation of sweat and growth of bacteria

This is another reason why running without socks isn’t a great idea. Shoes tend to accumulate more sweat when they are used without socks. This sweat, plus the fact that your bare skin is in contact with the shoe, creates optimal conditions for the growth of bacteria, which produces a repulsive stink and possibly an infection.