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Add other drugs to the mix, in endless possible combinations, and it could become a legislative and judicial mess, whereas impairment is impairment, regardless of the cause. In general, each of the common classes of drugs leaves its own ‘fingerprint’ under the SFST.

Developed in the 1970s, before the advent of alcohol breathalyser technology, the SFST was originally used to detect drunk drivers but is now routinely used to test for drugs. Amy Porath-Waller from the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse has been studying the test and whether it’s fit for this new-found purpose. By comparing thousands of roadside SFST evaluations with the subsequent blood samples given, Porath-Waller says the answer is an unequivocal ‘yes’. Which is not to cbd hemp oil for sale say it’s ‘safe’ – blood taken from Canadian drivers involved in fatal accidents shows drivers who test positive for cannabis are five times more likely to die than sober drivers.

It’d be easy to attribute the disconnect straight back to their drug of choice, but the reality is more complex, as is how best to detect and deal with those who continue to drive under the influence. The answer to those questions is a source of debate not just in New Zealand but around the world, where even the experts disagree on some fundamentals. CBD can be a safe and effective way to promote your health and wellness. If you need help finding high-quality CBD products without the THC that gets you a CBD DUI, order from CBD Choice today.

One further advantage the impairment approach has over setting per se limits is the complexity around people using more than one drug at a time, known as polydrug use. As mentioned, alcohol and cannabis combine with a potentially lethal effect, even at levels where individually they would be acceptable under a per se regime.

CBD capsules also contain CBD suspended in MCT oil, but are designed to be ingested. Our products can be taken as a food supplement but are not medicines.

CBD Oil drops or ‘CBD tongue drops’ provide a method to take CBD in liquid form. A quality product will consist of a carrier oil (we use MCT oil) and cannabidiol extract. Some products, such as our own OK CBD Oil Drops, also include flavourings to enhance the experience of taking CBD drops orally. CBD oil drops contain cannabidiol suspended in MCT oil and are designed to be taken under the tongue or added to food and drinks.

So, for instance, cannabis-impaired drivers will have more difficulty with the ‘standing on one leg’ test than the ‘walk and turn’ test, where an alcohol-impaired driver would struggle with both. Similarly, the test for nystagmus (involuntary twitching of the eye) will pick up those affected by depressants but not cannabis. To the untrained observer, the SFST might seem something like guesswork, but when performed by a trained officer, it’s surprisingly effective.

This is slightly lower than those found with alcohol in their system. But – and it’s a big but – when cannabis is combined with alcohol, the risk of a fatal accident jumps to 40 times more likely than a sober driver. And that risk is present even just with moderate levels of cannabis and blood alcohol under the drink-driving limit. Despite the obvious logic – things that make our brain go funny don’t improve our driving – there seems to be something stopping people who regularly use cannabis from reaching the same conclusion.