The Three Powerful Nordic Life Philosophies You Want To Know About

Norwegian flags flutter at Karl Johans street in Oslo

Sometimes life can get a little bumpy. And the best way to come out of these life challenges is to have strong life philosophies which can help guide your way. From the many available life philosophies, we have selected the three life philosophies from Nordic countries.

Hygge: Danish way of a cozy life

The word hugge means to have a cozy life while in reality; its true meaning is way deeper. This is normally depicted as putting on Fluffy slippers in a comfortable home. This philosophy does not involve anything materialistic; it cannot be bought.


Hygge helps in sending positive sensations into one’s heart. It can sometimes be used in describing a cherished moment of silence or even solitude. This is the feeling you normally get when you are surrounded by people who love you and wish for nothing but your company. Find more info here about other philosophy by reading the rest.

Lagom: Swedish art of moderation

This philosophy is a way in which one finds balance and applies it to every part of his or her life. It involves working, relaxing, eating and moderately sleeping.

It is basically about fully balancing your life. It also involves purchasing only what you need. This philosophy suggests that you do not push yourself to the limit while working or playing. Instead, you should only aim at doing your best.

Sisu: The most mystic of life philosophies

This philosophy is described as the force of will power to succeed as well as determination while faced with challenges. The usual words used to describe this are normally, courage, will to win and more.


Most of the time, Sisu focuses on getting through the day rather than establishing long term goals and solutions. This philosophy also implies to people to keep fighting through the challenges while at the same time maintain their integrity and humility.