What Is Hurricane Resistant Glass?

hurricane proof windowsIf you live on the coast, then you have probably lived through more than one hurricane. It is never a bad idea to remember how to be safe when living in a hurricane-prone region. Some hurricanes are really like big storms while others can be very dangerous happenings.

The most important benefit of HURRICANE PROOF WINDOWS is to protect your home from the high winds and water associated with hurricanes.

It has been found that most of the damage done to homes by hurricanes is a result of broken windows. The debris blown around by the high winds breaks the windows, causing the air pressure from the wind to enter the home.

This air pressure can blow out the other windows, even the ones that are not on the windward side of the house, and it can also blow off the roof. People have used shutters in the past to protect their windows, or board up their home every year when a big hurricane threatens.


These solutions are both expensive and take a lot of labor. Once you have put the HURRICANE PROOF WINDOWS in your home, they are always there, doing what they are supposed to do, protect your home from strong winds.

Even those who use plywood as protection have to be careful because storm tracks change quickly so you may be hit when you are not ready, or you may put up plywood and never get hit. With the right kind of windows, you are always prepared, but you are not putting in extra work if you don’t need to.

Shutters have to be put up and taken down, and sometimes that is a burden on a homeowner who is not in good shape. In addition to these benefits, hurricane windows add other protection to your home.

Because of their construction that can take the pressure of heavy winds, they cannot be easily broken. This prevents thefts and accidents. The entire construction design makes the window more difficult to break in to, so many insurance companies are offering a discount to a homeowner who has them.


You should see if your insurance company can provide you with such a discount; it may pay for the windows over time. An additional benefit is that there is a film in the inner part of the window that protects the home from UV rays.

These rays can cause considerable damage over the years, such as fading carpets, curtains and furniture. The heavy nature of hurricane windows also helps them to serve as sound absorber. How do hurricane windows work? These windows are made of two separate layers of laminated glass.

Between these layers, there is a film of strong plastic. If the window does shatter, which is difficult because of the two layers, the plastic layer stays in place, giving protection to the interior of the home from wind damage and the driving rain. Hurricane windows undergo very thorough testing to make sure they will withstand a storm. Impact tests involve small and large objects being hurled at the window, simulating the debris that may be flying around during a hurricane.


These windows are built to endure a wind speed and flying debris of 130 miles an hour. The same glass available for hurricane window is available for skylights, patio doors and other types of glass that may shatter in a major storm. To get the most protection from hurricane proof windows, you must make sure they are properly installed. No window can protect your home if the installation is faulty. Also, the installation will be different for each window, depending on the materials of the window frame, etc.

It is best to have a professional install these windows to make sure it is done right. You may even risk not being covered under warranty if you do not have a professional do it.