What Is The Best Brand For Motorcycle Helmet?


In motorbike riding, your safety should be paramount. You should never argue or turn down a suggestion that you need to work on your safety. That should be more so on the safety of your head. In case you incur an accident, how far you sustain head injuries depends on the helmet type that you had used.

Many sellers of motorbike helmets are nowadays in place. Among them is trendy motorcycle helmet wholesales who have been selling quality helmets over a long period.

Customers face the challenge of identifying a perfect seller who offers quality helmet at an affordable price. Due to this challenge, I have decided to compile a list of best sellers of helmet across the world for you. Take time and have a look.

1. Veldt Copper with Foil Full Face

This brand is from a British based company. The company produces two brands annually made from either pure carbon or copper coating. They give a platform over the online system to its customers to choose between carbon and copper color.


Their helmet is the best you can find in the market. Its inner side has a covering from foam leather or a particular type of fabric to maximize head protection. A special kind of metal runs along the edges of the front helmet screen giving it a firm grip. It cost £800 only.

2. Bell Bullitt Striped

Bell Bullitt is the second best helmet we have in the motorbike industry. It has a microsuede lining, a metal mesh inbuilt components, and leather inside coating.

It has 3D pads that you can fit radio speakers just in case you need them. Cost only £400.

3. Hedon Epicurist

Hedon Epicurist consists of a large shielding face making it more preferred since it has a large surface area. It a product of a company in Europe and is made from copper and brass component screws. Its outer shell is pure carbon covered with leather trim and lining. It is ISO certified. Cost £469.

4. The Hedon x Rake Artemis Helmet

Research indicates that this is the third most expensive helmet so far. It is a favorite to motorbike racers. It consists of a black shell and blue stripes. These stripes are an inspiration from the 1971 motorbike race. It has certification from ECE to be on use across the world. Cost £500.

5. AGV Pista GP R E2205 Replica Iannone

The designer of this helmet claims it is the most advanced design we have in the industry nowadays. It has gone through the spoiler test in the wind tunnel and the system of hydration and has proven capable.


Its shell is from carbon fiber with paint mimicking that of Italian motor racers. It cost £1,499 and thought to be the most expensive helmet so far in the market.

6. Schuberth E1 Crossfire

This kind of helmet is most suitable for adventures riders. It is among the simplest mask in terms of use you will find. It gives maximum protection to its passengers. It has a fully fixed peak visor that settles on three-position helping protect you from the sun while hiking. You feel like taking your partner for a bike ride this summary. Here is your ideal helmet.

7. Bell Bullit Moto-3

Bell Bullit has a fiberglass shell fitted with an inner lining that you can remove and wash. It is available in seven colors with a Bell log and Moto on its bottom. It certified and cost about £349.

8. Arai Defiant Pro Cruise in Bold Orange Frost

Arai helmet composes of unique pro visor system. It also has antimicrobial lining making it well fitted for mountainous riding. It has Bluetooth fitted speakers for communication. It is certified and cost £800.


The above are just a few of the best helmet we have for motorbike riders. Buy one today to increase your safety while riding your motorbike.