What’s The Best Motorcycle Alarm System?


If you own a motorcycle, then you probably know the importance of protecting your bike. Leaving your bike outside comes with a lot of risks; this is because motorcycles can be easily stolen especially if they are not properly secured. However, there are many protective measures you can apply to your motorcycle, and this might reduce the chances of it being stolen.

One of the best things to do it is to properly lock it. You can as well opt to put an alarm to it, and this does not mean that you have to use any alarm, there are different types of alarm systems that you have to choose from.

Gorilla Automotive

It has a system that has a powerful sound alarm, and it produces a sound that can be heard from a very large distance. If someone is attacking your motorcycle, you will be in a position to receive a message notifying you of the same. In addition to that, the system is very light, and you can always carry it along wherever you go. It is also water resistant and can be easily adjusted.


With this motorcycle alarm, you will not need to be closer to your motorcycle all the time. It is sufficient and has a remote which can be used to turn on the engine when you are almost reaching your motorcycle.


It comes with two remote controls so that you can give one to your wife, husband or friend. The system also has a shock sensor. It can as well disarm the security system, and its sensitivity can be easily changed.

Easyguard EM208

This is a universal product; this is because it is compatible with various motorcycles as well as scooters. It is extremely durable and also trustworthy as well. It has a sensor, a sound signal as well as a remote control.

The sensors exist in two types, the motion sensors and the shock sensors; therefore, if any type of activity takes place near your motorcycle, you will be immediately be notified. Its remote control can also help in starting the engine, and you can as well put the sound alarm on a silent mode, but at the same time you will still get a notification.

Scorpio SRX-900

This is one of the best alarms available in the market; it comes with an installed battery which helps in backing up the entire system. You can also easily turn the system on and off. If it detects any type of motion, you will receive a message notifying you of the same.


When looking for an alarm system, you should look for some specific features such as the extra control options and the resistant to various influences. You should also consider the alarms alerting abilities, get an alarm that can notify you when someone is near your bike or when your bike is one move, these are just but a few of what you are to consider, there are a lot of things to be considered to ensure that you get the right alarm system.